Welcome to the Great Sea!!!

The world has changed. A mighty sea covers most of its surface. Land is scarce. Thousand of islands are all that remains of the great continents. A millennia after The Cataclysm, new races now call this world home.  Terrible sea demons guard great treasures in the vaults of drowned cities. Pirate warbands terrorize the towns and villages of the coast. Malevolent wizards lurk on distant islands, leaving the wretched spawn of their experiments to prey on any who pass near. Bold explorers roam the seas in search of new lands and marvels never before seen by mortal eyes, while cruel pirates plunder their way across the watery divides. Deadly aberrations lurk in the ebon seas of the underground realm, and swift, lightless rivers cascade down through dungeon chasms into unimaginable depths below.

Stormguard-Secrets of the Deep